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We are committed to promoting the health of our clients, our community, and our environment. 

Floral Design
Every event is custom designed specific to your personal style and is a reflection of your personality.
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Add property value, energy efficiency, or therapeutic qualities  with an attractive landscape.  Add a vegetable garden, fruit orchard, or edible landscaping for sustainability and health.
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Interested in starting a community garden, farm, or just a family garden? We can help you with succesful planning including costs, production, labor needs, harvest, and profit (in dollars or nutrition!)
Relax and rejuvenate  under the mature  oak canopy over-looking the lake. Recreational space, gardens,  and modern rooms fill the space with positive energy. Rent single rooms or the entire house.
Natural Living; What the experts say...
​A Case for Green Space –  Frances Kuo of the University of Illinois conducted a study of 28 identical high-rise public housingprojects. She found that people living near green spaces:​​​​​​​​​
Boasted a stronger sense of community
Coped better with everyday stress and hardship
Were less aggressive and less violent
Performed better on tests of concentration
Managed problems more effectively
Rejuvenating effects have been associated with natural settings, including wilderness areas (Hartig et al. 1991; Kaplan 1984), prairies (Miles et al. 1998), community parks (Canin 1991; Cimprich 1993), and even rooms with houseplants (Lohr et al. 1996).
Researchers exploring the relations between outdoor recreation participation and wellness (e.g., Driver and Knopf 1976; Driver and Cooksey 1977; Driver 1985; Godbey et al. 1992; Tinsley et al. 2003; Kaczynski and Henderson 2007) have found beneficial effects on two
problems in particular, stress and obesity.

​• "Exposure to green space reduces stress and increases a sense of wellness and belonging (Bremer et al, 2003, p. 55)."
• "Multiple studies have shown that natural areas such as community gardens grant a variety of mental health benefits. Being in natural places fosters recovery from mental fatigue, improves outlook and life satisfaction, helps us to cope with and recover from stress, improves our ability to recover from illness and injury, restores concentration, and improves productivity (Maller et al., 2005)."
• "Simply viewing plants has been shown to reduce fear, anger, blood pressure, and muscle tension (Relf, 1992 p. 161; Ulrich, 1979; Ulrich, 1986)".
"The major determinants of health may have little to do with the healthcare system (Hancock 1999) and public health needs to focus on the
environmental and social aspects of health (Chu and Simpson 1994). Publicly owned natural spaces are an ideal resource to support these and other aspects of human health and well-being. (Maller et al. 2005, 5)
This mismatch between our design and today’s environment may account for manypreventable modern diseases (Nesse and Williams 1996).